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With our team of seasoned personal injury attorneys, we possess comprehensive knowledge of personal injury tort law. We know the intricacies, and we fight for your rights with unmatched dedication.

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Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve secured millions of dollars in settlements for our clients, ensuring they receive the financial support they’re due.

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Your case isn’t just a file to us: it’s your life. We provide personalized attention and ensure your voice is heard throughout the legal process.

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Personal Injury

Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates is your beacon of hope in times of distress. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will guide you through the complexities of your case so you’re informed and empowered at every step.

Car Accident

Have you been in a car accident? Our skilled car accident attorneys are here to safeguard your rights and advocate for the compensation you’re entitled to.

Medical Malpractice

If you or a loved one has suffered due to medical negligence, we’re here to hold those responsible accountable. Our medical malpractice lawyers have the expertise to navigate these intricate cases.

Our Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers Are Committed to You

At Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates, we understand that accidents can be life-changing. Our commitment is unwavering—we stand by your side, providing the legal representation you deserve. From accident compensation to negligence lawsuits, we’re prepared to fight for your rights.


What types of accidents fall under personal injury law?

Personal injury law covers a wide range of accidents, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip & fall incidents, medical malpractice cases, workplace injuries, dog bite incidents, product liability cases, and construction site accidents. Our personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia focus solely on the practice of personal injury, making us experts in the field.

What should I do immediately after being injured in an accident?

Following an accident, prioritize your safety and well-being. Seek prompt medical attention for your injuries. If possible, gather evidence like photographs, details of the incident, and contact information for witnesses. Report the accident to the relevant authorities and document your injuries for future reference. Next, consult with our personal injury law firm in Philadelphia for additional steps.

How do I know if I have a valid personal injury case?

Determining the validity of your potential personal injury case requires considering essential factors, including liability, damages, and negligence:

Seeking accident compensation requires a thorough assessment of your situation. Consulting a reputable personal injury law firm in Philadelphia is vital to evaluate the viability of your case, understand your rights, and explore the best legal path forward. Our experienced personal injury lawyers at Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates are here to provide you with knowledgeable and compassionate legal representation. By analyzing the aspects of your case, we can help you make informed decisions and pursue the compensation you’re owed.

What damages can I seek in a personal injury claim?

In a personal injury claim, you can seek various types of damages:

Our experienced personal injury attorneys at Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates will provide guidance on the specific damages applicable to your case.

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