Experienced Bike & Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Philadelphia County, PA

Each year, tens of thousands of bicyclists are injured in accidents involving motor vehicles nationwide. Philadelphia County, PA, continues to rank as one of the leading metropolitan areas for bicycle accidents and fatalities.

Getting hit by a car on a bike or walking on a sidewalk can lead to lifetime injuries requiring multiple surgeries and leaving you in constant pain. A severe accident involving a motor vehicle while riding a bicycle may impact your ability to work and cause serious financial harm.

When you’ve been injured by an automobile as a bicyclist or pedestrian, you need to contact experienced bike and pedestrian accident attorneys like those at Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates. Our practice areas include all facets of personal injuries, such as:

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Philadelphia Bike Laws are Meant to Protect You

Bicyclists and pedestrians have a right to use the roads just like everyone else. In fact, residents of Philadelphia County, PA, and the surrounding areas, are encouraged to ride bikes and walk to reduce emissions with environmentally-friendly transportation methods. When a bicyclist or pedestrian gets injured due to the negligent actions of another, they have the right to seek fair financial compensation. They also have a responsibility to other bicyclists and pedestrians in pursuing justice against negligent motorists.

Whether you’ve been injured by a car or had an accident due to a dangerous object or condition on the road, our bike and pedestrian accident attorneys are here to help guide you through your claim.

Getting Hit By a Car on a Bike Can Change Your Life

Being struck by a car while riding a bike can lead to lifelong consequences. If you get hit by an automobile at a high rate of speed, you may end up paralyzed or worse.

Bike laws in Philadelphia County, PA, are intended to protect bicyclists in the event of an accident with a motor vehicle. Depending on the circumstances, a motorist may be criminally and civilly liable for your injuries. That’s why it’s so important to hire the right bike and pedestrian accident attorneys to represent you when seeking rightful compensation.

At Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates, we offer a free consultation to discuss the events surrounding your accident. We’ll advise you on the best course of action as to how to proceed with pursuing your claim. We’ll even visit you at home or in the hospital if you’re not able to get to our offices. And we don’t get paid until you do, so you don’t have to worry about paying legal fees upfront.

Legal Representation for Sidewalk Injuries

Sidewalk injuries are on the rise in urban areas like Philadelphia County, PA, and across the country. Oftentimes, innocent pedestrians are struck by reckless and negligent motorists, leading to significant injuries. The trauma experienced during an accident can forever alter your life.

That’s why it’s essential to contact bike and pedestrian accident attorneys like those found at Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates. If you’ve been injured on a sidewalk due to the negligent actions of another party, reach out to our lawyers for professional legal advice on getting the justice you deserve.

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If you need bike and pedestrian accident attorneys fighting for you, you need Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates. Contact our lawyers today for a free consultation and regain control of your life by seeking the financial compensation you are owed!