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Have you been hurt by a dangerous product? A defective product can cause serious bodily injury leading to a lifetime of pain and suffering. You may be unable to work or participate in activities you once took for granted. If a dangerous product has injured you, contact the product liability attorneys at Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates. We handle personal injuries that result from consumer products, and our legal team can help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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Product Liability Law in Philadelphia County, PA

Product liability law is the idea that companies who produce and supply products to the general population must ensure that said products meet certain standards for safety. Businesses that manufacture goods have a responsibility to provide products that are safe to use and do not jeopardize the health and welfare of the public.

When a dangerous product has hurt you, you have the right to claim financial compensation for your injury. That legal right is called product liability law. Product liability vigorously protects consumers in the event of an injury due to a defective product.

Unlike many other types of personal injury cases, in instances of product liability, the claimant does not have to prove negligence on the part of the manufacturer of the product. Instead, they must only prove the faulty product caused the injuries they received. Products can be defective for a number of reasons, including poor design, improper manufacturing, or lack of proper warnings and instructions.

Don’t sit quietly if you’ve been hurt by a dangerous product. Contact experienced product liability attorneys like those at Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates in Philadelphia County, PA.

Since 1984, Mr. Himmelstein has served thousands upon thousands of clients who have suffered due to the actions of another party. The law firm proudly represents clients who are seeking just and reasonable compensation for their injuries. Instead of working to settle your case quickly, the product liability attorneys at Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates will work hard to get the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering.

Types of Product Liability Claims in Philadelphia County, PA

There are several types of product liability claims that can be made when arguing an injury was sustained due to a defective product. These claims may include:

Defective Design

In Philadelphia County and PA, defective design is broken down into two distinct categories: consumer expectations and the risk-utility test.

A product can be defective under the standard of consumer expectations if it is considered more dangerous than a consumer should reasonably expect. For example, a recreational water slide is regarded by most consumers as carrying a certain amount of risk of injury. Yet, if the water slide unexpectedly deflates during use due to inappropriate materials, the design may be considered unreasonably dangerous.

In the risk-utility standard, a product may be judged to be unreasonably dangerous if an occurrence of injury is outweighed by taking precautions to prevent the injury. In other words, if the burden to fix a danger doesn’t outweigh the potential for injury during use, it may be grounds for product liability based on an inherent defective design. For a defective design of this nature, all of the products produced by the manufacturer would carry the aforementioned defect.

Defective Manufacturing

Another example of product liability is when a product has defective manufacturing. This means there is an unintentional flaw in the design of the product. When a manufacturing defect occurs, it can affect one product, a product batch, or an entire product line. In a product liability case, your lawyer will not have to prove negligence on the part of the manufacturer. Product liability attorneys will only need to show that the defect caused injury to their client.

Lack of Adequate Warnings or Instructions

Product liability claims can also be brought against companies that fail to provide adequate warnings or instructions on their products. A manufacturer has a responsibility to provide enough information, warnings, and instructions for a reasonable person to utilize the product safely. When inadequate product warnings or instructions hinder the ability of an individual to use a product safely, the company may face legal liability when harm occurs.

Product Liability Attorneys Serving Philadelphia County, PA, and the Surrounding Areas

Have you experienced an injury due to a defective product? You have a limited amount of time to file your claim. Act now before it’s too late!

Contact the product liability attorneys at Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates today. We’ll review your case, gather evidence, and make every effort to pursue just and equitable compensation for you in the court of law. You owe it to yourself and future consumers to hold the manufacturer of defective products responsible for the oversight that led to your injury.

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It’s time to reclaim your life by seeking the compensation you deserve for your injuries. It’s time to contact the lawyers at Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates. We offer free consultations and will provide you with the best course of action to pursue your claim. Call us today!