An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Montgomery County, PA

Montgomery County, PA, is a blend of both urban and rural settings. In the north, large farms and tracts of undeveloped land make up most of the area, whereas, in the south, densely populated urban regions border the main metropolitan area of Philadelphia.

When suffering from a personal injury, the residents of Montgomery County, PA, look to the personal injury lawyers at Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates. As an experienced law firm that specializes in personal injury cases, we’re proud to offer comprehensive legal services for those suffering due to the negligent actions of another party. Serving Montgomery County, PA, Louis B. Himmelstein and his decorated team of lawyers have been practicing personal injury law for nearly four decades.

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A Montgomery County PA Personal Injury Law Firm That Cares For Clients

Louis B. Himmelstein began his law firm in 1984 with the sole purpose of helping those who had suffered a personal injury due to the negligent actions of another party. Since that time, the law firm has grown to house some of the leading personal injury lawyers in Montgomery County, PA, and the surrounding areas.

Our team has fought and won for countless clients, helping them receive just compensation — amounting to millions of dollars — for their injuries. From medical malpractice claims to slip and fall injuries, Mr. Himmelstein and his team of personal injury lawyers have helped clients get the justice they deserve.

Comprehensive legal services are provided by Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates. As specialists in personal injury claims, our practice areas include:

If you or a loved one has suffered due to the negligence of another party, contact the personal injury lawyers at Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates. Unlike competitors, our firm offers no-obligation, complimentary consultations to discuss the details of your claim. We’ll provide sound legal advice as to how to proceed with your case. If you are unable to visit our office location, a personal injury lawyer can visit your home or see you in a hospital. We understand how difficult it can be to recover from a preventable injury, and we’re here to help in any way.

Get the Compensation You Deserve With Personal Injury Lawyers in Montgomery County, PA

Let the legal experts at Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates work on your case as you recover from your injuries. Our personal injury attorneys will build a solid case against those responsible, gather evidence, and file the proper legal documentation for the court’s review.

With a winning track record in Montgomery County, PA, and the surrounding areas, Louis B. Himmelstein & Associates is one of the premier sources for professional legal services in the region. We have fought hard for all of our clients, reclaiming millions of dollars in compensation for preventable injuries. With nearly 40 years of experience practicing personal injury law, you know you can trust our personal injury lawyers to work hard for you.

Get the compensation you deserve for your injuries with the help of Louis B Himmelstein & Associates. Contact us today!