Parking lots can be dangerous places. Ice, moving vehicles, broken concrete, and steps without handrails can all lead to slip and fall accidents in parking lots. When you’re the victim of a parking lot slip and fall, you have legal rights. You may deserve financial compensation. Personal injury attorney Louis B. Himmelstein explains if you can sue when you fall in a parking lot.

Unsafe Conditions

Yes, you can sue if you fall in a parking lot. As long as the parking lot accident occurs because of an unsafe condition on the property or the negligent behavior of another person, you can sue if you fall in a parking lot. There may be limitations that apply when the parking lot is owned by a unit of government. However, the general rule is that you can sue the responsible party if you fell in a parking lot.

Slipped on ice in parking lot

If you slipped on ice in a parking lot, you may have a legal claim. A property owner has the legal duty to take care to keep their property safe. In other words, because they invite people to park on their property, it’s up to them to clear ice and other dangers from the property. When a parking lot is privately owned, the legal burden is very high on the parking lot owner. In that case, slipping on the ice is almost always grounds for a lawsuit. However, anyone who slipped on the ice in a parking lot may have a valid legal claim for financial compensation.

Slip and fall parking lot settlements

Slip and fall parking lot settlements depend on the legal liability of the defendant and the damages of the victim. First, in order to receive a slip and fall parking lot settlement, the defendant must have legal liability. For a commercial parking lot operator, the standard is whether they took reasonable steps to discover and remedy the parking lot danger before it had the opportunity to cause harm. For a government-run parking lot, the legal standards may be different. In addition, there may be statutory limitations on the amount of money that the government has to pay for any single act of negligence.

In addition to legal liability, a slip and fall parking lot settlement also depends on the damages of the victim. You may deserve compensation for economic losses like the cost of medical treatment, lost income and property damage. Pain and suffering can also be a significant part of any slip and fall parking lot settlement. A personal injury law firm can work with you to ensure that your interests are fairly represented in your slip and fall parking lot settlement.

Personal injury attorneys for parking lot falls

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