Even if you are not seriously injured at work, you want to make sure you document everything related to your injury. That means seeking medical attention. You also need to report it to your Human Resources department as if you fail to do so, it could cause potential problems down the road if you file a workers compensation claim.

Failing to Report Your Injury Could Hurt Your Case

In the event you are injured at work and you don’t report it right away, your claim could be denied by your employer. The workers’ compensation insurance company will also question why there was a delay in reporting the injury to your employer. And if you thought you could just file a claim with your private health insurance, they will not pay for injuries while hurt on the job.

Don’t Hesitate to Tell Your Employer About Your Injury

If you are injured at work you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Louis B Himmelstein & Associates have been representing clients who’ve been hurt on the job for over 35 years. Our team work hard to protect the rights of those who were injured whether or not they were at work. For a free consultation, call Louis B. Himmelstein today!