There are many ways that the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis may impact the legal landscape. In fact, there’s likely going to be a surge in various types of litigation. From broken contracts to canceled events and more, the COVID-19 pandemic may produce a rash of lawsuits. One type of lawsuit that may occur is a Coronavirus negligent hiring lawsuit. The personal injury law firm Louis B Himmelstein & Associates explains negligent hiring in the context of Coronavirus lawsuits.

Negligent hiring is a type of lawsuit that may result from the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis. If a business hires unqualified people, or if they fail to train them properly, they may be legally liable if harm results from their actions. Even during a pandemic, a business has a legal obligation to hire only qualified employees. A Coronavirus COVID-19 negligent hiring lawsuit can result in financial compensation paid to the victim when a victim gets hurt because employees are unqualified or untrained.

Legal liability in the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

The Coronavirus crisis has created one of the biggest upsets in employment in American history. In some respects, employers are scrambling for qualified employees to treat sick patients. In virus hot spots, there may be a shortage of medical personnel.

At the same time, employers in other industries may want to quickly hire workers to meet increased demand. For example, grocery stores suddenly need more workers to meet the increased demand for food and other goods including curbside orders. With more people ordering online, delivery companies need to have more drivers. For companies in essential industries, their employment numbers may have quickly gone up, not down.

All companies have a legal obligation to ensure that their employees are qualified and appropriately trained. Even if they are desperate for workers, a company must make sure that each person they hire meets the minimum qualifications for the job. In addition, the employer needs to fully train all of their workers to respond appropriately to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The business must provide sufficient training for all workers even if training detracts from time performing other tasks. In the context of the pandemic, what amounts to proper training may have changed.

Lawsuit for hiring unqualified workers during Coronavirus COVID-19

If you’re hurt because a company hired an unqualified employee or failed to train an employee properly, you may deserve financial compensation. The harm to the victim doesn’t necessarily have to be Coronavirus related. Instead, any kind of injury that results from the actions of an unqualified or poorly trained employee can be the basis of the lawsuit.

As your personal injury attorney team, it’s our job to investigate your case to see if negligent hiring occurred. Our personal injury law firm can help you determine if negligent hiring is the cause of your accident. If it applies, or if there are other grounds for compensation, our personal injury attorney team can help you claim all the compensation that you deserve. Call us today to talk about your case.